Our Sneak Peek for Extreme Force will be on Saturday January 27th and Sunday January 28th. Entry fee is $20 with all participants getting 5 packs and a promo  card upon entry. Playmats will be handed out to 1 in every 8 players at random. You can only sign up once each day, sign ups start as soon as we open the doors at 11am each day.  

Our Weekly Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournaments

Friday at 7pm- Constructed Advanced Format 

Saturday at 2pm- Constructed Advanced Format

Sunday at 1:30pm- Constructed Advanced Format


Entry fee for all of our weekly Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournaments is $6. All participants receive a pack upon entry with additional packs handed out to top cut of players based upon attendance. 


Please note, our tournaments for

Yu-Gi-Oh! are COSSY sanctioned. If you have a COSSY card please bring it, if you don't we'll provide you with one.