Heroes will be hosting our Pre-Release for Pokemon Sun and Moon Ultra Prism Saturday January 20th. Registration starts at 11am and ends at 1pm with an entry fee of $30.  Players receive 7 booster packs, an Evolution pack containing 22 key cards from current & prior sets, and 1 of 4 Pre-Release promo cards (93 cards total). All 3-0s after the 3rd round will receive an additional pack. If there's two 3-0s in the division, each get a pack, then they'll play one more game for another pack. 

Heroes is host to a variety of events, here's a list of our schedule for some of the various games we carry.

Open board game and tabletop night- Tuesdays from 6pm till close.

Force of Will- Friday at 8pm with an entry fee of $6 all participants get a pack for entering with store credit handed out to top finishers.
​Pokemon League- Sunday from 2pm-4pm

Dungeons and Dragons Encounters - Wednesday from 7pm till close.

participants getting a pack upon entry, top finishers receive store credit based upon attendance.