Heroes will be hosting Game Day for Amonkhet On Sunday, May 21st at 1pm. Entry fee will be $5 cash with all participants getting a booster pack and promo card for entering. Top 8 players will all receive a full art promo card and 1st place will walk away with a Worthy Champion champion playmat! Store credit will also be handed out to top finishers. We hope to see you all out!

The Amonkhet Pre-Release will take place on April 22nd and 23rd. Entry Fee is $25 cash $30 debit/credit for the regular sealed events and $50 cash $60 Debit/Credit total for the 2 headed giant event. Pre-registration is available, with a locked amount of $25 regardless of payment method. Pre-Register for 3 or more events and pay only $22 for each event! Our regular sealed events will be 4 rounds with prizes being awarded to X-1’s and higher. Below is a list of times for the events.

Regular Sealed- April 22nd at 12:01am following our regular FNM events

Two Headed Giant- April 22nd at 1pm

Regular Sealed- April 22nd at 7pm

Regular Sealed- April 23rd at 12pm

Regular Sealed- April 23rd at 5pm

Pre-Registration is available in store through April 20th,  you can only Pre-Register in store and cannot do so over the phone.

Heroes will be hosting another Prelimanary Pro-Tour Qualifier on Sunday May 28th. The event will be Standard Constructed Entry fee will be $25, registration begins at 11 am and ends at 11:50am with the event starting at 12pm. The top finishers of the event will receive booster packs of the latest set based upon attendance/. We hope to see everyone out in attendance, for further questions feel free to e-mail us, message us on our Facebook page or give us a call at 281-497-0221.

Weekly Magic Tournaments

Wednesday Night Draft- 7pm Entry fee is $14 

Thursday Night Standard- 7pm Entry fee is $10 

Commander League Thursdays- 6pm till closing

FNM Standard- 7pm Entry fee is $5 Cash

FNM Modern- 7pm Entry fee is $5 Cash

FNM Draft- 7:30pm Entry fee is $14 

Sunday Modern- 1:30pm Entry fee is $10 

All participants for our constructed events get a booster pack. Store credit is handed out to top finishers of all events.