As of August 29th Heroes will no longer be at our location of 1570 S. Dairy Ashford. We are now located just down the street at 1801 S. Dairy Ashford. This move was so that we could better accommodate our growing player base, the increase in events we hold, and to serve the community better as a whole. We hope to see you all out at our new location and would like to thank everyone    who helped make this move happen and for supporting us over the years. 


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The latest card game from asia, it features a popular art style and fun mechanics. 

The very first trading card game bursting onto the scene in 1993, with a recorded player base of over 12 million. 

First premiering in 1999 the 
Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game remains popular to this day. 

Heroes offers a variety of card games and is always welcome to any new players. Here are a few of the other games we carry.

Set releases and Trial Deck Releases for Cardfight Vanguard- November 21st is a huge release day for Cardfight Vangaurd, with 3 new Trial decks and 2 new Extra Boosters it'll be a lot to take in.

Requiem at Dusk and Waltz of the Goddess Pre-Releases- Come in and join us for the pre-releases of the latest two Cardfight Vanguard Extra Boosters.

New Challengers Sneak Peek- Join us for the pre-release of the newest set of Yu-Gi-Oh! Featuring 

Dungeons & Dragons



Wow tcg

Weiss Schwarz


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