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Academy of Divas Sneak Peek- Come and join us for your chance to get the latest Bermuda Triangle cards for Cardfight Vanguard in this new Extra Booster! 

Battle for Zendikar Pre-Release- Come and join us as we celebrate a early look at Battle for Zendikar! More information on our tournament page.




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First premiering in 1999 the 
Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game remains popular to this day. 

The very first trading card game bursting onto the scene in 1993, with a recorded player base of over 12 million. 



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Battle for Zendikar Release- Come in and join us for the release of Battle for Zendikar. More information on our tournament page.

Heroes offers a variety of card games and is always welcome to any new players. Here are a few of the other games we carry.

The latest card game from asia, it features a popular art style and fun mechanics.